Adina Braha-Honciuc

Government Affairs Manager – EMEA Policy, Microsoft

Romanian Adina Braha-Honciuc lives in Brussels and works as a Government Affairs Manager for Microsoft. She believes that, like in a game of tennis, you can achieve what you set out to do and turn things around even in the most challenging situations with the right attitude and focus.

Tennis is one of Adina’s biggest passions and she misses no opportunity for a game after work or during weekends.

– I have been playing since I was six and the most valuable lesson it has taught me was to never give up. In tennis, sometimes all you need in order to turn things around – when you are on the verge of losing a game – is to build the confidence that nothing as impossible and focus on playing your best game. Of course, life is more complicated than a tennis game, but I find that you can apply the same attitude to life challenges and with each ounce of effort, each courageous step forward and persistence you can achieve what you set out to do, she explains.

Choosing BI

The focus on research and innovation in the Scandinavian countries made her choose BI for her Master programme. The challenging real-life business cases at BI made her understand how important a Master’s degree would be. These cases are one thing she fondly remembers from her time at BI.

- One of my professors told us an anecdote at the beginning of the course: Einstein gives the same test to his students two years in arrow. Surprised, the students tell him it is the same test as the year before, to which he answers: “The questions may be the same, but the answers are different.” This idea of always challenging old models and accepted solutions has been following me ever since.

The perfect workplace

In her spare time she also loves to do all kind of sports and outdoor activities in Bussels, which often gives her new ideas for work.

- Reading and travelling to new places are the best ways to collect my thought and get new ideas for work. Both books and exploring new places are about getting a view of life I have never seen before. I experienced that the more you travel, the more people you know, the more ideas you hear, and the wider your horizons get, Adina sums up.

Workwise, Adina loves developing new ideas and being surrounded by inspiring people with thought provoking ideas.

– That is why I absolutely love being involved in the academic relations at Microsoft, being in a room with people that fire off at each other with new ideas that really push the boundaries of knowledge. Moreover, having a mission – gives me extra motivation and energy.

The intersection of business and policy

As EU Policy Coordinator, Adina is looking at how different policy issues at the EU level impact the development of future technologies and innovation.

– Together with the EMEA Policy team, my work is aimed at helping shape policies through engagements with stakeholders and policymakers, and raising awareness of the impact of technology evolution on existing social, economic, and policy frameworks.

In a world where technology is evolving at an unimaginable speed and new exciting innovations and business ideas are being born every day.

- I find it incredibly fascinating to be at the intersection of business and policy. I am exchanging ideas with stakeholders, from SME’s, academics, consumer and trade associations to government elites. I enjoy participating in the debate of how to successfully navigate the transition to future technologies in a way that is beneficial for consumers, economies, businesses and society as a whole, Adina says.

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