Alessandro Lampo

Lecturer, University of Saint Joseph

When the company he was working for in Norway went bankrupt during the financial crisis, he realised that something had to be done.

Alessandro came to Norway in 2002 to work for a company operating in the aluminium business. When the company went bankrupt, he had a sudden realisation.

- It made me realise that I needed to develop additional skills and solid foundations to complement my work experience. So at that point in my life, I made the challenging decision to once again become a full-time student, he explains.

Colleagues and friends pointed at BI as one of possible choices for a business education, and the fact that the program was entirely in English was another good reason for him to choose BI.

My three main reasons to recommend BI to others are the reputation of the school, its location and its international environment.

Sharing the knowledge

Alessandro now works as a lecturer in marketing subjects at the University of Saint Joseph in Macao in China. On the side he is involved in business consulting projects for local companies.

- I am very satisfied with my teaching task that allows me to grow professionally and personally. Just knowing that I can help other people perform as students and individually really gratifies me, he says.

His dream job, however, is related to the environment
- It is important to me that my work is excellent and that I make a difference through my work. My dream job would be related to the environment and smart use of resources in China.

The reason for this passion is his observations in China.

- In recent years the rapid development and consumer spending patterns in China have jeopardised the environment and the natural resources available, he says.

Cutting-edge and close relationships

People in national dresses filling the streets in a cheerful celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Day is one of his happiest memories from the time he spent in Norway. But, there is one memory in particular he would like to share about his experience at BI.

- I remember I were at campus in Oslo together with good friends and a warm cup of coffee, while outside we could see through the large glass windows the first snow silently falling down. This summarises what BI has meant to me over the years – a blend of cutting-edge education and close relationships with people, matured in one of most visually impressive scenarios in the world that is Norway, he says.

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