Anders Borchsenius

Product Manager, Microsoft Norway

As Product Manager for Microsoft Norway, Anders Borchsenius is responsible for marketing, strategy development, and business development for some of Norway's most popular software programmes.

Anders’ job entails making sure that Microsoft Norway and its distributors reach the sales budgets for the products in his portfolio. His duties include marketing, strategy, business development, and reporting, as well as visiting clients and business partners and giving talks.

- A good working day is one when I get to talk with clients and partners about how our technology can helping them make their businesses more competitive in a hectic IT industry, say Anders.

According to Anders, an education in marketing can be used to work in most areas, but that sales and marketing positions are the most relevant ones for new graduates. This provides experience which in the long term can lead to management positions in many different types of firms.

Be energetic and proactive

Anders thinks it’s important to think in broad terms as a student, and that it is a good idea to have a wide range of interests because you don’t know for sure which industry you will end up in.

My best advice is that you ought to be a generalist: focus on subjects and areas which you can draw on in all industries.

According to Anders, you need to set clear goals to gain the same kind of position he has today. It is important to set goals for what you want to learn and to think about what personal qualities you possess. He emphasizes that you need to work actively to reach your goals and to improve your personal qualities.

- You should also let others know what your goals are. Nothing happens unless you make it happen, so it’s important that you make it clear what you want when applying for a job, says Anders.

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