Andra Vasilescu

Risk Management Analyst, Statoil

Andra Vasilescu has lived several places around Europe before choosing Norway for her Master’s degree. She quickly embraced the Norwegian culture and people. While living in Oslo, she sensed that the relatively small capital was changing into an increasingly international and cosmopolitan city.

- The cultural aspects I immediately embraced in Norway were the serene attitude of the people, and their love for nature. In Norway most people are keen on practicing sports and I slowly joined in on hiking, skiing, skating and cycling, Andra says.

Why BI?

The most important criteria for Andra is that the school has a good reputation.

- With a good reputation you know that you get quality and opportunities like exchange, career counseling and a strong alumni network. Whatever field you’re studying, these things will help you land you dream job, she explains.

Andra’s field of interest is financial economics, so a Master of Science in Finance at BI Norwegian Business School was a perfect match for her.

- A Master of Science is a great foundation for PhD studies, if I ever decide to advance my education even further. BI also provides a scholarship platform attracting many competitive international students, Andra explains.

Having a wide range of options after graduation was also an important factor.

The combination of courses enables me to handle different analytical tasks typical for consulting, corporate finance and economic analysis.

In addition to the core financial courses Andra and her classmates had courses in subjects like business ethics and corporate social responsibility. These courses are designed to train the students in dealing with ethical dilemmas in the business life.

- Integrity is the most important quality for any leader or employee, Andra says quoting Warren Buffet and CEO Helge Lund.

Working in Statoil

After graduation, Andra started working for Statoil. She started out in a graduate programme.

- The goal of the programme was to develop future leaders, she says.

Today she is working as a Risk Management Analyst in the Corporate Risk Department. The department is responsible for quantifying Statoil’s total risk exposure along the value chain and for developing a consistent enterprise risk management framework.

- That includes tasks related to methodology development, benchmarking and stakeholder management, internally and externally.

Why Norway?

Andra was keen on developing an international mindset, a skill that comes in handy both professionally and socially.

- Norway may be small, but it’s still a great country to live in and it’s open to the global markets through its economic interests and international companies. It has a good educational system focused on research and innovation and it is not overcrowded with international students. That means study facilities and dorms are still easily available.

She was also impressed with the globalisation of Oslo and Norway.

- When I lived in Oslo I noticed that the small Norwegian capital was changing fast into an increasingly international and cosmopolitan city. Also, I experienced much less bureaucracy in daily life than in other places. In Norway for example you can pay by bank card almost anywhere, including on the taxis, Andra says.

Runner up master thesis

When asked about her greatest memory from her years at BI, Andra finds it hard to point out a specific memory.

- I have so many nice memories, I cannot pick just one. It’s the small details that make a great picture.

Andra explains that during her time at BI, she met some of her closest friends to date and achieved some of the things she is most happy about.

- I am really proud that my master thesis was listed as runner up in the Norges Bank Investment Management competition in 2012. I also remember those group assignments on which we spent nights working and yet had a lot of fun.

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