André Neiva Tavares

Junior Consultant, Innovarelab Pesquisa e Consultoria

Brazilian André Neiva Tavares was surprised by the Norwegian culture and climate when he first came to BI, however he was far from disappointed with what he achieved and experienced.

- While in Norway I came in contact with a fascinating and unique culture that showed hidden facets when you least expected them. Learning the local language only further highlighted cultural specificities and allowed me to peer further into, for a lack of a better expression, the Norwegian soul. And, despite the cold and darkness, a shock to anyone originally from the cerrados of Brazil, no one can doubt the sheer beauty of the landscape and the amiability and tranquility of the people.

After six years working with sustainability and climate change in his native Brazil, he became interested in understanding the importance of technological change and progress in solving many of our modern environmental woes.

- While government regulation and greener consumer demand all have their roles to play, I found that the importance of businesses, through both incremental and radical innovation, lacked adequate consideration in our work. This curiosity eventually led me to innovation as my chosen field of study. Scandinavia has an amazing reputation in the subject. Despite their size, they are among the top 20 most innovative countries in the world.

- Academically, they have made significant contributions to our understanding of innovation within our modern economies. The fact that the region ranks among the least unequal of societies further added to my interest, considering how plagued my own country is with the huge gap between the haves and the have-nots. It was within this richness of thought, critique and social reality where I wished to find myself in my studies, he says.

According to André, his studies were incredibly rich and he learned from capable and insightful professors who provided the students with a varied mix of theories and practical knowledge.

- We came to understand the importance of innovation for modern economics and how to approach it both as an academic and as a practitioner. All of this allowed me to better understand the processes of what is oftentimes seen as a black box where creativity somehow manages to magically generate new products or services. The hands-on experience at the incubator Forskningsparken and at the student organization ShARE only added to my repertoire of tools in approaching innovation and its implications for business strategy.

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