Anne-Lise Johnsen

Membership Marketing Executive - Youth, Arsenal FC

Anne-Lise has been a football fan since she was six years old - today she works for the world-famous Arsenal FC.

Anne-Lise has always been interested in football and her dream was to work for a sports club.

- I had heard that Arsenal has a unique approach to marketing. This made the club especially interesting for me both as a marketer and as a football fan.

Working with the youth
When she first sat in the reception at Emirates Stadium for the job interview, she was overwhelmed with how big everything was. Anne-Lise managed to convince Arsenal to hire her, and her job is now to manage and implement Arsenla’s marketing initiatives towards young people.

- At Arsenal I able think outside the box. I arrange everything from competitions for the kids and camping on the football field.

To be a good marketer in the sports industry you need drive and ambition.

Doing the impossible

After being told on multiple occasions that she would never be able to work in sports, Anne-Lise feels that she has managed the impossible.

- I think one of the reasons for hiring me was that I was on top of the digital trends among youth, Anne-Lise says.

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