Axel Tangen

Store Manager, Tesla Motors

Axel had working experience, but no degree to back it up. When he was turned down for a job, he decided to do something about it and enrolled at BI. Today he works as a Store Manager for Tesla Motors.

Axel started his career working in a clothing store. A few months after he was hired, he was promoted to store manager. He ran the store for a few years until he received a call from the local car dealership. They wanted him as a sales person and Axel took the challenge.

- While working with selling cars I saw another job I really wanted. I applied, but never heard back. After a while, I called them and they told me that I wasn’t even considered because I had no higher education. That is when I figured that I had to get a degree, Axel explains.

Axel chose BI as his stepping-stone, and he could not be more satisfied with his choice.

- At BI, you get a bird’s-eye view on how a business operates. You gain knowledge in things like production, inventory and the cost of having items in stock.

I could never have had my current position without attending BI.

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