Bastian Eide Edvardsen

Account Manager, Vans

Bastian Eide Edvardsen is 25 years old and has a bachelor’s degree in Retail Management. Both his age and his background are two advantages in connection with his job as Account Manager with the worldwide and recognized Vans shoe brand. Vans is a company that creates shoe trends for innovative individualists with a youthful lifestyle.

A social salesperson

With a three-year education from BI and experience as a shop assistant, Bastian Eide Edvardsen managed to qualify for a job with Vans. This gave him the opportunity to work with a brand that is one of the world’s largest in its sector. As an Account Manager his most important responsibility is selling. Most of what he does is measured by the number of sales transactions he is able to conclude, or by the enthusiasm he is able to create for the brand in the shops. Enthusiasm means that the end user becomes aware of the brand, which in turn may lead to increased sales. Most of his time is spent visiting customers around the country.

In a job like mine you have to be open and feel comfortable in the company of other people. You also have to be able to adapt to different types of people in all types of situations.

Edvardsen’s recommendation to new BI students is that they use their student days to meet new people, make friends and be sociable. This is exactly what he associates with BI: networking, social events and people with different backgrounds, different interests and different goals. Networking starts at school and you never know when you may need to use your network for your own benefit or to help others, says Bastiansen.

Important work experience

Bastiansen believes that his work experience from the textile industry and as a shop assistant is a great advantage for him today. He encourages everyone to have a job in addition to studying.

I would never have been able to secure my present job if I hadn’t done that. Experience counts very much.

Naturally, the marks I achieved at BI are also important since they say a great deal about effort and knowledge, but without practical experience and a network it is difficult to get a job in this industry. He found it important to make practical use of his knowledge and background in order to continue his development and to better understand the theory taught at school.

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