David McCanny

Integration Manager, UPC Cablecom

David has hectic work days, but he clears his mind with outdoor activities in Zurich and comes back to work with a fresher approach. He completed an executive degree at BI Norwegian Business School and is very happy with the knowledge and competence he got with his EMBA.

His position at UPC Cablecom involves working with a number of internal, vendor and affiliate teams in multiple countries, to bring new consumer products and service to market.

- The negotiation skills and approaches I developed during my course have been invaluable for me to achieve win-win solutions. Also the course gave me a number of tools that bring a fresh perspective on situations as well as providing a starting framework when encountering new ones.

Currently he is working on adding mobile services to his company’s suite of products, a task which gives him the opportunity to compare theory and practice.

- My degree from BI has helped me to also identify the organizational and cultural impacts of competing in a faster moving market. My thesis was on GO-to Market Strategies, so it is great to build upon those insights to compare theory and practice, David says.

Widen the scope

He likes to traverse all the different areas covered during his Executive MBA, and hopes to widen his scope further. He strives to more of strategic role in shaping the company’s direction.

- Having the EMBA gives me the belief that I can achieve this either within a company or by starting my own enterprise. I have also been pleasantly surprised with the strength of the BI Alumni here in Zurich. The group recently organized a visit to the FIFA headquarters which was both informative and enjoyable as well as a chance to meet interesting people and reminisce about our time at BI, he says.

Traveling the world

His work life has taken him to many different places, such as USA, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway.

- I have learned a great deal about the differing approaches in these countries, which has helped me reflect upon and improve my own business style.

Travelling is also one of his hobbies, along with sports and socializing with friends. He loves outdoor activities, and has recently started rowing at a lake nearby, with the Scandinavian Rowing Club.

- In the summer there are plenty of places to swim, cycle and walk, and now that winter is here, I am finally getting back into cross country skiing. Also I enjoy visiting cities, both here in Switzerland and to far flung destinations like Peru, which I visited last year. I am fortunate to have a wide network through my work and studies so it’s great to meet up with old friends and get all the local tips.

After his stay in Oslo he became a fan of a Norwegian football team.

- I found that Norwegians share a similar humour to the British and love for English football. So after my time in Oslo, I still try to keep up with Vålerenga’s results in football.

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