Dragos Tavlescu

Partner & Consultant, Sund Energy AS

At the end of his first year at BI, Dragos needed a job and approached one of his lecturers who happened to be an entrepreneur. Dragos was invited to an interview which eventually landed him a part-time job in Sund Energy. After graduation he was offered a full-time job in the same company he still works.

Dragos describes Sund Energy as a small and dynamic company. As a Partner and one of the employees with the longest experience in the company, he is sort of the “go-to guy” at the office with responsibilities in all areas.

- There are hardly any typical days. There is project work and management, marketing at conferences, sales meetings as well as administrative tasks such as recruiting, training new employees and supervising the cash flow. Every day is different, with many small and larger tasks, Dragos says.

Preparing at BI

During his time at BI, Dragos prepared to meet the expectations of the modern business life.

- There were often hectic times with several hand-ins, individually and in groups, within a short period of time. This enhanced coordination and group work skills, as well as improved time management, he explains.

Dragos found case studies especially helpful as he learnt more about Norwegian business culture while working on different cases.

- We also had meetings with potential employers through events like the career days, company presentations, interviews and case study challenge simulations. The career service was useful in pitching one’s personal marketing to the audience of Norwegian employers, the expectations may differ from the culture you’re used to.

And it was with help of a professor at BI he landed a job which got him where he is today.

- In the spring of 2009, as the first year of Master’s was coming to an end I was looking for a part-time job to cover living expenses. I approached one of the lecturers and was invited for an interview. Soon after, I had my first part time-job in Norway.

In 2010, after his graduation, he was offered a full-time position. To this day, he is very happy about how things turned out.

- Every day is different, one cannot get bored. Even after five years, I am amazed how the job never ceases to bring satisfaction and excitement.

Enjoying BI and Oslo

Dragos’ first encounter with BI was at an international university fair in Bucharest. He was impressed with the school and even though he decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Romania, he kept BI at the back of his head.

- When I wanted to take a master’s degree, I was accepted to eight different universities in Europe, but I chose BI. The fact that BI is located in Oslo in Norway was important since I wanted to work with energy and sustainability, Dragos says.

The facilities, website and the entire application process and contact with BI also strengthened the case for choosing as he did.

Dragos enjoyed the two years of studying at BI. He says that it always met or exceeded his expectations.

- When it comes to memories from that time, the best one regarding studying is from an International Contract Negotiations class. We had to work round the clock to prepare acting out the case in front of everyone. Socially, the dinners organised by the chaplain were great fun.

Dragos has several advises for students who are considering to pursue a degree at BI, the main advise is to make the most of the opportunities.

- Make the most of it. BI is laying out a lot of opportunities for you as a student. There is an excellent library, a friendly and useful career service, the student organisation and much more, plenty of ways to enrich and enjoy your student years.

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