Ellen-Marie Bjerknes Nygård

Project Manager, Capgemini

Ellen-Marie Bjerknes Nygård was acknowledged as the best student for her Bachelor degree in International Marketing. Combined with a Master degree in Strategic Marketing Management, her education opened the door to carieer as a consultant in the international consultancy company Capgemini.

After giving it a lot of thought while taking her Master degree, Ellen-Marie decided to try her hand at the consultancy business. She was attracted by the opportunities this industry offers to work on different projects with different clients across industries.

- I felt that structure, analysis, and methodology were my strong points, and I knew that these were qualities that are important in the consultancy industry, says Ellen-Marie.

Learns something new every day

The firm’s good in-house network and a wish to work in a reputable consultancy environment led Ellen-Marie to choose Capgemini, and she has not regret it; as a project manager for technology projects, no days are the same, and she learns something new every day.

- As I see it, the consultancy industry I work in has some common denominators: a strong desire for new challenges, the ability to learn fast, and an analytical approach.

Sharing competence

Ellen-Marie works in an area called Business Technology in Capgemini, managing technology and development projects. Essentially, her job is to deliver products and services on time, at the right quality, and at the right price.

The opportunities are endless, it’s a matter of personal interest and determination.

- The network I built up while studying was the key factor in finding a job half a year before completing my Master degree.

Business understanding an advantage

Ellen-Marie stresses that you can contribute a lot in a similar position as a consultant, regardless of specialization and educational choice.

- In my role as project manager for technology projects, I see that having an understanding of business is a clear advantage – just as much as having specific technical expertise. We work in teams in such a way that other members of the team often have the technical expertise.

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