Georgiana Radulescu

Controller, Elopak AS

Georgiana Radulescu started working for Elopak during the first year of her Master degree. She began as assistant for the group controller and later on landed a full-time business controller position for the same company.

According to Georgiana, one of the best aspects of the MSc in Financial Economics is the extensive use of case studies and group work. She explains that learning to apply theory in practice gives you an edge when it comes to real-life experience.

Elopak is a global corporation, headquartered in Norway, with great ambitions for both growth and sustainability while staying committed to high standards of quality. Georgiana’s enthusiasm and engagement have been crucial to her success at Elopak.

- When you are engaged, fun to work with and show you want to make a difference, there will be no time for you to get bored. Top executives will want you to be part of their projects and offer you the chance work aside them. I was enthusiastic to be involved in exciting projects and eventually got to be part of the management team of one of the biggest growth initiatives of the company, Georgiana says.

The mentor programme

- Studying at BI is fun, challenging and it opens many doors for your future career, all you need to do is take advantage of those opportunities.

Having an education from BI gave me an edge at the start of my career.

A great memory Georgiana has from BI is the international mentor programme. She fondly remembers the panel discussions, focus groups, case studies and the icing on the cake: a network of 30-40 young professionals and top business leaders.

Work experience and networking

Norway is a place where there are plenty of opportunities for work aside studies and Georgiana advises both prospective and current BI students to take advantage of that.

- Get some experience while studying. If a part time position doesn’t fit you, go for an internship or a summer job in an area relevant to your study, she says.

Another advice from Georgiana is to build your network. She herself learned the value of a network after finishing her studies.

- Network with fellow students, professors, companies and maybe get to be part of a networking organisation. It’s fun, you meet new people, get insight and it may land you the dream job or finance your start-up later on, she explains.

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