Kaja Snare

Sports reporter, TV2

Kaja started working as a journalist in the local newspaper of her hometown. Years later, she has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from BI and a job as a reporter for one of Norway’s biggest TV companies.

- I have always been a dreamer with big ambitious, especially when it comes to my career. I had to find my own way, that is how I started with journalism, Kaja says.

The connection between a Bachelor’s degree in the field of economy and sports journalism is not obvious, but Kaja believes that her education was a key to landing the job in one of Norway’s biggest TV companies.

- It is a good thing to stand out, to offer something that no one else can. That is where I come in, I can offer the understanding of economy. I think that understanding is very important in the modern sports world where money is a huge part of the industry.

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