Kateryna Siedina

Senior Auditor, BNP Paribas Group

Ukrainian Kateryna Siedina was skeptical about studying in Norway for two whole years. However, she has not regretted doing so.

- I am happy that I went to Norway. At BI I was inspired by the international environment of the school and have now chosen to work in an international company. My educational background provided me with a lot of useful knowledge on the work of the banking sector, where I am currently employed, she says.

BI was the starting point of my career development.

Finding opportunities
In addition to a solid background in economics, organisational psychology, and how to understand new business processes within short time, her BI education also provided her with something else.

- I learned how to search for new opportunities in the unusual circumstances and how to communicate with people of different cultures and ethnicities. Also I gained the desire to learn something new every day, and it is still with me.

She is constantly searching for new opportunities and has a strong desire to learn something new every day of her life. As a senior auditor in BNP Paribas Group she is both learning and investigating as she evaluates the internal control system of the bank.

- I also issue recommendations if there were identified some weaknesses in the internal control system. This is a teamwork organised as separate assignments aimed at investigation of different processes and organisational units of the bank. Within some of the assignments, I perform as a team leader.

Internal motivation
She believes that her idea of a dream job is currently changing, and that her studies had significant impact in this respect. And that a job is a dream job if it provides interesting, varying and challenging tasks.
- I really like doing investigations, searching for proofs and detecting frauds. I have learned that internal motivation is extremely important if you want to feel happy when coming to work every morning. Constant personality development and discovering new opportunities of my mind and intuition are what gives my life meaning, she says.

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