Knut Eliassen

International Marketing Manager, Nitro Snowboards

Knut combined his life as a snowboard professional with studies in marketing. Today he is responsible for the marketing of one of the world’s largest snowboard brands.

- As International Marketing Manager my main responsibility is to build up a brand that is respected, visible and in demand. I have the main responsibility for marketing and for all publicity for Nitro. My work mainly consists in creating a marketing concept through photos, the Internet and video presentations, Knut says.

Knut is also responsible for more than 30 professional international snowboarders. The responsibilities includes negotiation of contracts with all the snowboarders, as well as contracts with different players in the media.

- Together with designers I work to develop new and unique Nitro/L1 products. It is important to make sure that the media articles in which our snowboarders appear reflect our marketing strategy. They have to appeal to the right market. I hire film companies that make product videos, advertising films and demos that form part of Nitro film/advertising projects. In addition, I visit our biggest clients to see how they are doing and to contribute with what I can.

Knut believes that Nitro Snowboards makes products that make people smile.

- My job is to communicate the pleasure and experience of snowboarding to other people.

My education helps me every day

- Since I am responsible for marketing, I plan and carry out about ten projects during the year. My BI education has provided me with a better understanding of how projects should be planned and how budgets and financial statements should be prepared, how to cooperate with different people, how projects can be financed and much, much more. Without my education from BI I would not have been able to do my job. BI provided me with the knowledge and experiences I needed to take a further step in the snowboard industry.

Knut thinks many people are dreaming of working with something they have a passion for, but are discouraged by other people telling them that they have to have a “proper” job and a “proper” life.

- But you only live once, and therefore you should pursue your dream and enjoy your work, he says.

You should dare to pursue your dream

- When you choose an education you should think about what you want to do after graduation. When deciding on a profession or vocation, it is important to choose a job you like. Life is not only about money; it is as much about experiences, family and friends. Remember that you only live once. Spend your time on something you like, Knut concludes.

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