Kristina Hedemark Kvam

Customer consultant, Gjensidige Insurance

When Kristina was young, she enrolled in a course designed to inspire and prepare youth for the global economy, this motivated her to study business. At the time, it was far from what she wanted to do, but she quickly evolved the interest for business and eventually graduated with a master degree in Business.

Kristina now works as a customer consultant for Norway’s largest insurance, Gjensidige. Despite her age, she has already plenty of work experience from different lines of work.

The diversity of a master student

Kristina believes that the diversity in the business programme have given her a lot of possibilities, both in her current job and for her future career choices.

- After graduating you can work in many different areas and the possibilities are vast. During the time as a student you experience several different topics which give you a taste of what you can work with.

She adds that it’s important to be open for new and exciting experiences so you can find out what you are interested in.

As a MSc in Business graduate you have a lot of open doors.

An important balance

During her time at BI, Kristina built a big network, both through her studies and activities in the student union.

- The time as a student is supposed to be fun, exciting and you should obviously learn a lot. It is important to be social and join all the fun stuff that is happening in the student union and BI. That’s how you build a network that can prove handy later on, she says.

But she points out that it’s important to find a nice balance between the social and the academic aspects of being a student.

- It’s important to focus on the academic aspect of being a student. In the end, you go to school to get your dream job. To find the right balance can be challenging, but also the key to success. You should work hard to gain both friends and good grades, says Kristina as a advise to future students.

The road to insurance

While studying, Kristina kept busy. She was active in the Student Union and had a relevant job at L’Oreal on the side. After graduating she immediately got a job in the Nordic HR department of J.P. Morgan.

- Based on the experience form L’Oreal and the Student Union, combined with the competence I received at BI, I chose an area that I wanted to work with. When I saw the available position at J.P. Morgan I was sure that it would fit perfect for me.

And it did. She spent two and a half years at the company before looking for a change.

- Gjensidige was looking for new team members so I changed from HR to sales. I wanted new challenges and I wanted to try sales before I fully committed to HR. In sales you work directly with the customer and you can make a real impact on both the customer and the company as a whole, she explains.

Kristina is enjoying herself as a customer consultant and claims that everything she learned at BI has proved useful so far.

- There is a safety to working here and I have very talented coworkers. I feel a particular pride in being able to say I work here, she says.

Clear goals

When she was younger, Kristina wanted to be an architect, and studied math and physics in high school to fulfill her dreams. The Business for Youth course made her change her mind and she has not looked back since.

- I know what I want in my career and have clear goals of working for someone that will place trust in me and give me the opportunities I need.

Still, she is unsure is there will be HR or sales in the future.

- I always put considerable thought into my decisions. I don’t want to be standing still, I want to develop and grow. It’s great working at a place that appreciates its employees and lays emphasis on developing skills. That’s very important to be.

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