Linn Alicia Slora Kristiansen

Trainee Innlandet

In the two years following her graduation, Linn Alicia had already gained experience from three different companies. That is the benefits of being a part of Norway’s biggest trainee programme.

Linn Alicia has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communication and a Master’s degree in Leadership and Organisational Psychology, both from BI. Being quite different disciplines, both involve interpersonal skills and understanding, as well as analytical skills. She chose that particular Bachelor’s degree because she was very interested in communication and brand management. The Master programme was chosen to expand her knowledge on other areas of interest like HR, strategy, and leadership. Linn Alicia explains that her Master programme have given her a valuable insight in important subjects, and that she is happy about her choice.

- I chose a research based degree as I wanted to focus on the analytics. That the programme is entirely taught in English was also a decisive factor for me, she says.

During her studies, she also worked on several group projects which gave her experience in working with different people, a skill that proved to be very useful to prepare her for her career. She recons that having a versatile background definitely have helped her when landing a job in Norway’s biggest trainee programme – Trainee Innlandet.

First contact
It was at the career fair at BI where Linn Alicia first heard about and met representatives from Trainee Innlandet. Afterwards, she contacted BI Career Service to ask for help with writing the application. She claims that the Career Service was vital in landing her the job as a trainee.

- Overall, I am very pleased with BI’s career service. I actively took part in various courses and was informed about exciting opportunities, Linn Alicia says.

The recruitment process was extensive, including interviews, assignments and personal tests, but she excelled and became one of seven trainees in the region.

Responsibility from day one
Being a trainee is not an easy task. Over the course of two years, each trainee spends eight months at three different companies. Amongst other things, Linn Alicia has been leading recruitment process in a Norwegian municipality, worked with strategy in the marketing department of Norsk Tipping, and finally she worked in the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises. She explains that companies expect the trainees to contribute from day one.

- These days I am involved in three large projects, including the process of establishing new organizational values, recruiting a new marketing manager, and developing a new marketing and communication strategy. Fortunately, all projects are relevant to what I’ve studied, Linn Alicia says.

Linn Alicia believes that being adaptable and open to new people and cultures is very important to succeed in this type of positions. As a trainee there is much to learn in a short time, you should therefore be both curious and willing to learn.

- My Master programme really helped me develop a critical and analytical mind, which is important to define and solve the complex challenges I face, Linn Alicia says.

For the future, she has some clear goals.

- I am genuinely interested in people, so in the future I would like to work with strategic HR processes and the development of employer’s capabilities, she concludes.

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