Liza Nienova

Consultant Analyst, PA Consulting Group

Many international students return home once they complete their studies abroad, but Liza Nienova from Ukraine decided to try her luck in the Norwegian labour market. The highly talented student was snapped up by the management consultancy PA Consulting Group, where she now works as a consultant.

Liza was only 15 when she was first ‘discovered’; her academic results were so good that she was given the opportunity to study for a year at an American high school under by the US Department of State’s Future Leaders Exchange Program. Liza achieved such good results during her stay in Illinois that she got to meet the then state senator for Illinois, Barack Obama.

It was the Quota Scholarship form the Norwegian government that brought her to Norway. Now, two and a half years later, she speaks fluent Norwegian. Not only that: Liza was the best student in her year group at BI.

Be goal-oriented and think long-term

- Think hard about what you want out of life, and choose the educational pathway that will best help you realize your dream. I love my job, and I look forward to going to work every day. I’m passionate about doing my best, and for me it’s important to constantly challenge myself. Now I’ve received everything I’ve wanted from my job, says Liza.

Liza has never thought in terms of barriers; instead, she concentrates on working hard to achieve the goals she sets for herself.

As soon as I set a goal, I do everything to reach it. It’s not just that I work hard; I also try to step outside my comfort zone and face each day with courage and new energy.

It didn’t take long before she was offered a job with PA Consulting, one of Scandinavia’s leading independent management consultancies. A consultant’s job primarily entails helping companies to resolve the challenges they face and to realize the best options, often across different fields as well as different industries.

- It’s not enough to give sound advice: you also have to enable the client to implement it. My job is about challenges, variety, and relationships, says Liza.

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