Nick Edward

Business Analyst, Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Nick Edward wanted to widen his perspective as he was set to inherit some local businesses from his father in Tanzania. He did his research and decided to use BI as the tool to reach his goals. He was accepted into the Bachelor of Business Administration programme, clueless that he five years later would graduate as the best Master student of his year.

- I had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to go to a business school, Nick says, a simple beginning to a great adventure.

He chose BI Norwegian Business School after doing research on different business schools.

- Different sources told me that BI is a school that provides a remarkable platform for students to advance and master business managerial skills, financial management and analytical skills. I figured that BI would be the key for me to develop my own skills and understand different business concepts.

BI has built a great reputation and is continuously improving in the ranking for prominent business schools worldwide.

Top of his class

Nick was right, BI became the tool he needed and he quickly excelled. He chose to specialise in finance during his Bachelor’s Degree and after graduating he was accepted to the MSc in Business programme where he continued to tune his financial skills.

Looking back, Nick fondly remembers back at his time at BI.

- One of many great moments was the first week with the matriculation ceremony and the buddy week. I remember all the excitements that were running through me and other students. Filled up at the room with expectations about what to come, Nick says.

He also talks about the great discussions in the classrooms with teachers and other students and of course the graduation where he was graduating as the MSc student with highest academic performance of all the graduates that year.

The Business Analyst

After graduating Nick landed a job at Wilhelmsen Ships Service in Norway. It was a comprehensive process to get the job and Nick is thankful for the experience and knowledge he received at BI.

- I had to go through a series of intense aptitude test, interviews and one-on-one case interviews. But through the stuff I learnt in school, from financial analysis, economic modeling, project management and all the way to applied ethics and moral duty, and with the orientation I got from BI Career Service on how to prepare, I was able to get the job.

As a business analyst there is several skills that are required of Nick every day. Being a MSc in Business graduate, he can meet the wide requirements that are expected of him.

- First of all I need to be analytical and structured. But I also need knowledge of finance, investment, budgeting, financial reporting, risk management as well as communication skills, leadership and of course good work ethics and professionalism.

Following in Nick’s footsteps

As a BI alumni, Nick has several advises for students who want to follow his footsteps and either take a Bachelor, Master or both at BI.

- Some people might have heard the phrase “dream it, believe it, achieve it, succeed it”. But dreams do not become a reality unless you do something about them. Starting at BI is a great step on the way, but you have to go in with a winning attitude from day one. Get disciplined to avoid deviations and follow through their ambitions, eventually those dreams will become a reality.

Nick has also great things to say about what BI has to offer.

- Take advantage of it all, the great facilities and teaching staff with strong support from the faculties that gives a solid overall academic structure with good connections to businesses and other institutions, Nick says.

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