Ole Gudbrann S. Hempel

Manager, KPMG Advisory

First of all: Try and learn something specific at school. Then: Give it full throttle at work before setting up a family. These are two relatively clear tips from Ole Gudbrann Hempel, Senior Consultant at KPMG Advisory.

Business is looking for specific knowledge and concrete abilities. In connection with choosing an education, Hempel’s advice, therefore, is to consider closely what tools it will provide you with. An important element of learning is the quality and relevance of the teaching and, not least, the competence of lecturers. Hempel associates BI with high-quality lecturers and in particular he was pleased with their practical background and ability to give relevant examples form business and industry.

Hempel worked hard in an outside job while studying. He deliberately let work affect his studies and unlike other students, he chose to work more when everybody else cut down on their workload to prepare for exams. The reason for this was that his job was extremely relevant to his studies and that he was determined to obtain a permanent position with his employer after graduation. As a bonus he developed a good ability to combine work and school. Not surprisingly, he was inspired by people who gave what they had and worked hard to achieve their goals. And things turned out as planned as he was offered a permanent position.

He says that the period between graduation and setting up a family consisted of a lot of work. Later he has benefitted greatly from this, and it is something he would strongly recommend. Now, with a family, he tries to restrict working hours to about 40 per week, although the hours are somewhat longer in periods.

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