Per Øyvind Rosengren

Strategic Account Director, Nike

Per Øyvind believes that a sales manager should be structured, enthusiastic and like different types of people. As Sales Manager for one of the world’s biggest brands he knows what he is talking about.

What is your job about?

- I am the head of the Nike sales team and moreover in charge of categories such as Nike SportsWear and Action Sport.

- A good day at work starts with the arrival of new samples for the next introductory marketing period. The whole sales team throw themselves to the boxes of samples to view what we will sell in the shops. The sales teams discuss sales targets related to specific customers and plan how to structure the meeting schedule for the introductory marketing period, followed by a history lesson about some of Nike’s good, old signature models. After a decision-making session around the table, the rest of the day is spent on customer follow-up, supplementary selling, updating from customer service and telephone conferences with the head office. The working day is concluded by a good run to test Nike products.

How can a job like yours be obtained?

- There are many roads leading to Rome. At Nike we appreciate both people fresh from school, as well as people with work experience. The best way of being accepted by the Nike system is experience from sales, marketing or customer service in an organization.

My education opens many doors

- This education gives you a broad platform. I have been involved in selling IT software and security services, HR consultancy services and branded goods.

Per Øyvind became a sales manager because he loves challenges and meeting other people. It also gives him great pleasure to see that other people succeed, particularly after some coaching.

- I think it is important for young people to be exposed to as different problems as possible while at school. This will give them a wide variety of choices after graduation.

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