Suada Penava

Senior Expert for Business Process Reingeneering, JP Elektroprivreda BiH

Because of a special partnership between BI and School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo, Suada Penava was able to finish the two year MSc programme in only one academic year.

- As I had a permanent job and could get a maximum of one year unpaid leave, that was an ideal option for me in that time, she says.

Her undergraduate education is in the field of electrical engineering, however she chose economy for further academic advancement.

- Today I can talk about two career paths that I am trying to follow and promote simultaneously. I work as an electrical engineer in Elektroprivreda BiH and have a doctoral degree in Economy and strong ambition to become a university teacher sometimes in near future.

Relevant academic education
I see my BI education as more relevant for its academic part than for the one related to my job in Elektropriveda BiH.

She believes that BI provided her with excellent preparation for the research she has conducted as part of work on doctoral dissertation.

- The topic of my dissertation was from the field of transformational leadership and I can say that a very choice of such a topic was done under the influence of ideas and knowledge I adopted during my study at BI. Together with my mentor on the dissertation I wrote a book in leadership which has been used as a mandatory literature for students in School of Business and Economics in Sarajevo and I published several articles in scientific journals. Motivation and a huge portion of knowledge needed for all these engagements, certainly comes from education I obtained at BI.

An atypical job
In her current job she is still not in position to utilize all the benefits of her BI experience as her educational background is quite atypical for her company and there simply is no right job position where she could be the most effective.

- I am still perceived primarily as an engineer what is reflected both in the position I currently held and in the evaluation of my potential as well.

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