Sumeet Singh Patpatia

Senior Advisor, Telenor

Sumeet’s biggest dream is to combine his Norwegian and Indian background to become the next CEO of Telenor India.

Today, Sumeet is a Senior Advisor in Telenor where he works closely with one of the company’s senior executives. He ensures that the senior executive always has relevant and informed messages to present.

- To work closely with a senior executive in Telenor, and to follow great discussions from some of Telenor’s and Norway’s most capable managers is a true privilege, says Sumeet.

In addition to helping Senior Executive Hilde Tonne, Sumeet is responsible for the agenda and programme of the Mobile Management Board.

The Mobile Management Board consists of the entire corporate management, and the CEO’s of every company that Telenor owns, Sumeet says.

“Turban outfitters”

In his spare time, Sumeet is building bridges between the Sikh community and the Norwegian society. He helped organise an Open Day to enlighten people about Sikhism.

- We have had some very successful events. It is like running a business, except the profit is in smiles and the bridges we build.

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