Swagat Raj Pyakurel

Director, M. M. Polymers

As a BI student, a typical day for Swagat was to catch an early class followed by group discussions. The afternoon was usually spent reading curriculum alone or with his classmates. He now works as the director of a newly established PET company and his typical days are very different.

As the director of the M.M. Polymers Pvt. Swagat is responsible for the overall management of the company. That involves tasks like guiding production and operation activities and coordinating with clients and suppliers.

- It is very different from what I anticipated while studying. My job covers a much wider array of functions.

Swagat is relieved that he went to BI and learnt the necessary skills he needs to get his job done.

- BI helped me a lot in regards of my career. I’ve learnt the nitty-gritty of business management and to solve issues analytically and of course the innovative thinking to ensure future growth in the company, he says.

Best country to live in

Swagat chose BI based on the programmes the school offers. He was looking for a programme that involved business management and a global perspective. He found just that at BI.

- I thought the programme looked very interesting. The global perspective of the programme was especially an advantage for a person like me, coming from a country like Nepal where the opportunities to be exposed to a truly international atmosphere is limited.

The fact that BI is located in Norway was also a big plus for Swagat.

- I wanted to go to a country which Nepalese students not usually go to. Norway was ranked as the best country to live in by the UN which was a great incentive, he says.

Great student environment

Besides the academic learning, Swagat is left with some great experiences from the years at BI. He met some great friends and got to participate in classes with internationally renowned teachers.

- When you are studying at one of the best and unique business schools around, you have to make the most of your time.

Swagat is positive that his stay in Norway has changed him a whole deal, even the way he thinks.

- Living in Norway has influenced me, especially in employing utilitarian thinking in anything I do. Norway is such a beautiful country, and the experience has been amazing for me.

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