Truls Rekdal Hoel

Senior Associate, PwC

Truls Rekdal Hoel used case competitions to secure a job after graduation. As a Senior Associate at PwC his working day is both exciting and challenging.

Choice of education
Truls wanted to study at a business school with good and close relations with business and industry, a school that sees the value of sending its students abroad through exchange agreements and that attracts students with top motivation.

- It no doubt affects the atmosphere of the classroom when it is filled with ambitious young people who are stimulated through challenging tasks.

He also says that one of the things that made him choose the Master of Science in Business programme was the broad and varied knowledge provided by this programme and that it would give him many job opportunities after graduation. However, after two and a half years of study he was offered a job as an auditor with PwC. In the autumn of 2011 this made him leave the Master of Science in Business to take over the position as an auditor. After one year’s experience he decided to take a Master’s Degree in Professional Accountancy at BI – as part of a long-term strategy and as a basis for state authorization.

Job offer through case competition
As a student at BI you may occasionally be offered an opportunity to participate in case competitions. Case competitions are championships where teams of students compete in business instead of sports. As a student Truls participated in several case competitions and was spotted by a jury member from PwC. This enabled him to secure a job only half way into his period of study. The condition was that he obtained good marks for his bachelor’s degree. His extracurricular involvement was also a positive factor. He also took an exchange semester in Texas (USA). Truls believed that the period of study abroad gave him a number of advantages. His employer is an international company, and frequently he will have to cooperate with colleagues from other countries. He also thought it was an advantage to know something about different business cultures and be able to view a problem from different angles. In other words – the period of study in the USA made him even more attractive for PwC.

Not only figures
As an auditor for your own portfolio of clients you acquire a unique insight into the way organizations function and how they create values. The job requires an ability to build confidence and lasting relations with clients.

Personally, I believe that the most important characteristic of an auditor who wants to distinguish him/herself in the long term is social intelligence.

He adds that obviously the profession also requires analytical skills and certain degree of number literacy. Whether auditors need to be early risers is hard to say, but Truls maintains that he is neither an early nor a late riser.

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