Yana Antonenko

E-Commerce Data Analyst, Devex

In the search for master programmes in marketing, Russian Yana Antonenko found BI's MSc in Strategic Marketing Management to be the best choice.

- BI was definitely the ideal choice for me. Earlier I went on exchange to a business school in Stockholm so I knew that education standards are very high in Scandinaia, Yana says.

Life in Norway was great, and BI is an excellent place to study and a very internationally oriented school

Felt like home
Yana immediately felt at home from the start and she met many of her friends who became very important in her life. It was these friends that made her stay in Norway the best time of her life. She even took up cross-country skiing, and learned Norwegian.

- I still have books in Norwegian that I need to finish. I like to try to get to know the local culture as much as possible when I travel or live abroad. It gives me a chance to talk to local people more and understand them better. Norwegians like to prepare things in advance and through group works I also learned to start things early and not to leave everything to a last moment.

Two degrees in two years
During her time at BI she did a double degree master program between BI and University of Groningen, Netherlands. BI had more of a strategic marketing and introduction to marketing data research, whilst University of Groningen was mainly focusing on practical aspects of data research.

- I think both programs were completing each other well and gave me the basis for what I am doing now.

After graduation she wanted to relocate in Spain, however because of the financial crisis in Southern Europe at the time, it proved to be difficult.

- During my second stay in Spain I got an invitation from Devex for an interview. The company got interested in my competence in marketing research which is quite rare nowadays but highly demanded.

The interview went well, she landed the job.

- I was very happy because Devex is working in the field of international development which is an area I always was interested in. And besides the job description matched well with my profile.

Working worldwide
Today she is working as an e-commerce data analyst for Devex, and a typical day would include data pulls, analysis and compiling reports. Some of the tasks include compile, identify trends and evaluate data to support the E-commerce team in decision making. Devex is a community of more than 600 000 development professionals, so she thinks it is exciting that there is so much data available.

- I also provide data support to other teams investigating aspects of user behavior or tracking the performance of a certain campaign. The company is scattered across three continents so there is a lot of communication online. I could start a day talking to our Manila office in the Phillipines and finish it by reaching out to our Washington DC office.

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